P 03/03

NMR Methods for a comprehensive and fast characterization of mass transport and catalytic reactions in porous materials

This project will aim at developing and applying novel or improved NMR methods for characterizing mass transport (flow, diffusion, dispersion) and catalytic reactions (concentration of reactants and products, temperature distribution) of fluids (gas, liquid) in porous materials. Based on the available NMR methods, which were developed and implemented within the projects of the first two generations of the research training group, the specific aims are:

(i) to extend the applicability of NMR methods (e.g., measurements at higher temperature and/or higher pressure, quantification of slower flow or multiphase flow),

(ii) to increase the accuracy of the measurements by optimizing the inherent signal-to-noise ratio and/or sequence parameters as well as data analysis,

(iii) to reduce the minimum total measurement time of individual NMR measurements for an improved characterization of unsteady systems or processes,

(iv) to perform different measurements (e.g., of concentrations and temperature) either simultaneously or in an interleaved way to achieved a comprehensive characterization of the measured system in a short total measurement time.

The work will comprise both methodological developments and applications, the latter in close cooperation with other Ph.D. students of the graduate school (projects P04/03, P06/03, P07/03). All NMR studies will be performed on a 7-Tesla NMR imaging system (Bruker Biospec 70/20 USR) available in the in-vivo-MR group of the department of chemistry of the University of Bremen.



Contact: Dreher, Thöming


Publications within MIMEMIMA:

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