P 06/02

Filter beladen

X-ray microtomography investigations of deep bed filtration processes and their link to NMR-flow measurements

Deep bed filtration is a technologically highly important separation process. Interestingly this process is usually described by integral empirical filtration parameters only while a deeper understanding of the separation process inside the filter is missing to a large extend. Using X-ray microtomography as a tool for three-dimensional evaluation of deposition inside the filter bed one obtains an excellent possibility to yield a microscopic understanding of the deposition kinetics. This is in particular true if the microtomographic data is combined with flow data obtained by NMR in a partner project within the graduate school.

To gain a deeper understanding of deep bed filtration processes the project will focus on model filter geometries like packed spheres or glass fritts in which deposition will be investigated as a function of filtration parameters like filtration speed or concentration of particles within the slurry. Amongst the large variety of parameters which could be investigated especial focus will be given to the size of the particles in the slurry. Investigating deposition in monodisperse suspensions will enable explanations of the complex deposition behaviour in polydispers suspensions as they are usually used in industrial processes.

Contact: Odenbach , Ilzig