P 10/02


Formulation of multiple fluid-fluid dispersions by micro-membranes (premix encapsulation)

Multiple emulsions in water/oil/water (w-o-w) formulations are used for special liquid formulations of e.g. hydrophilic. The inner phase is encapsulated and can be applied for a controlled release of e.g. drugs. Pickering-emulsions are formulated by dispersing colloidal particles at fluidic interphases and thereby encapsulate a fluid that may be released by coalescence of the inner phase or by permeation through the outer membrane. Encapsulated fluids are used e.g. in substances in medical and pharmaceutical applications. A potential method for producing and formulating multiple emulsions and encapsulated liquids may be done by dispersion and mixing of the liquids in micro structured membranes. Here especially shear sensitive liquids may be formulated. In the project, micro encapsulation and multiphase transport, mixing and dispersion in porous membrane structures is modelled and simulated. Efficient formulation methods for fluid-fluid dispersions and encapsulations of dispersed systems will be derived and experimentally tested.

Contact: Fritsching, Luhede