P 01/01


Functional, porous ceramics for biotechnological applications

Enzyme-based technological processes offer a great potential for a resource-efficient, environmentally friendly production and purification of e.g. chemicals or pharmaceuticals. In this project porous oxidic ceramics featuring hierarchical and adjustable pore structures at different length scales will be fabricated via a novel green chemistry approach based on the ionotropic gelation (IG) of natural biopolymers. In several project phases, fundamental aspects such as the mutual influence between the material features, surface functionalities, flow condition processes and enzyme-specific properties will be addressed. By combining engineering, chemical and biological methods, ceramic materials for enzyme-based processes will be developed with the aim to enable multiple enzymatic reaction sequences as well as direct separation and recovery of the products from a given solution.

Contact: Treccani (left MIMENIMA 09/2015), Kroll, Hollermann