P 14/01

Werner Foto Project

Ceramic capillary membranes with tailored functionalization and geometry for virus filtration

The aim of this project is to extrude yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) capillaries for virus filtration that feature ideally pore sizes, porosities and geometries for realizing high virus retention capacities of LRV ≥ 4 (i.e. at least 99.99 percent (4-log) removal) in combination with high permeate fluxes. YSZ was chosen because of its high fracture toughness and strength. The filtration of viruses is based on the size exclusion principle. Therefore, the effect of initial YSZ powders showing different particle sizes on the membrane microstructure and pore size will be analyzed in detail. Furthermore, strategies for membrane functionalization will be developed to adsorb viruses on the surface of the capillary.

Contact : Kroll, Bartels