P 15/01


Gas transport properties of graded ceramic membranes with adjustable pore size and surface functionalization

The aim of this research project is the preparation of mesoporous ceramic membranes with graded pore structure and tailored surface functionalization for the fundamental investigation of gas transport properties in porous structures. Based on an extrusion process, capillary membranes based on yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) are prepared, dried and finally sintered. The sintered membranes are analyzed by gas permeation measurements using different gases varying in their molecular weight (CO2, N2, Ar, CH4). Thereby, a gas flow through the membrane is measured operating in dead-end mode. In this case, pore size and porosity as well as the surface chemistry are influencing the gas stream propagating through the ceramic structure. Therefore, the influence of these parameters will be analyzed with respect to different gases permeating through the porous membrane, facing different conditions.

Contact : Kroll, Besser