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PhD Students 3. Generation
(started 10/2019)



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PhD Students 2. Generation
(ended officially 09/2019)

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(ended officially 09/2016)


Project Leader


PD Dr. Wolfgang Dreher

Department of Chemistry (FB 2)
in-vivo MR group

Leobener Str.
NW2-C, C0170
28359 Bremen

Tel. 0421 218 63090
Fax 0421 218 63102



Positions and Work Experience

since 2011 Head of the “in-vivo-MR” group at the Department of Chemistry (FB 2)
2007 Habilitation, private lecturer at the Department of Chemistry
1994 - 2010 Head of the group for NMR imaging and in vivo NMR spectroscopy at the institute of instrumental analytics (Prof. Dr. D. Leibfritz, FB 2)
since 1991 Research associate at the Department of Chemistry (FB 2) of the University of Bremen
1990 Dissertation (Dr. rer. nat.) at the Academy of San der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin-Adlershof
1983 - 1990 Research associate at the Centre of Scientific Instruments of the Academy of Sciences, Berlin-Adlershof
1978 - 1983 Study of physics (Dipl.-Phys.), Humboldt-Universität Berlin

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