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Post Docs, 3. Generation

  PhD Students 3. Generation
(started 10/2019)



Post Docs, 2. Generation



PhD Students 2. Generation
(ended officially 09/2019)

  Post-Docs, 1.Generation PhD Students 1. Generation
(ended officially 09/2016)


PhD Student

Hoog Antink

Marieke M. Hoog Antink

Am Biologischen Garten 2
IW3, R 2230
28359 Bremen

Tel. 0421 218 66953



Positions and Work Experience

03/2016 - present Ph.D. in Advanced Ceramics Group, University of Bremen
03/2015 - 01/2016 Master Thesis: "Fast combustion synthesis and evaluation of modified baghdadite for its applicability in the fabrication of orthopedic interference screws", Bremen University
07/2014 - 06/2015 Student Assistant: Advanced Ceramics Group, University of Bremen
05/2010 - 09/2010 Bachelor Thesis: "Raman spectroscopic study of metamict titanite under high pressure", University of Hamburg

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