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PhD Students 3. Generation
(started 10/2019)



Post Docs, 2. Generation



PhD Students 2. Generation
(ended officially 09/2019)

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(ended officially 09/2016)


PhD Student


Alexander Schulz

Badgasteiner Str. 3
IWT, R 1490
28359 Bremen

Tel. 0421 218 51216
Fax 0421 218



Positions and Work Experience

since 10/2016 Research assistant of DFG research training group MIMENIMA (GRK 1860), University of Bremen, Germany
2015 Student assistant ITP Bremen / working on electronic structure of 2-dim TMDCs
2015 Msc student ITP Bremen / working on TB description of MoS2
2013 Student assistant ITP Bremen / working on optical and electrical properties of fluorographene
2012 Bsc Student ITP Bremen/ working on chemically functionalised graphene

Mimenima Project